My BFF, MaryBeth and I needed a junk fix so Friday we meet in the middle at Puyallup and went to the Funky Junk Sisters show.  Our husbands are best buddies so we had dinner together, then they dropped us off at the Junk show and went to see Fast Five....whatever!!! I love this show because it's not to big and not to little.  It took us three hours to get through everything and in the morning "I had to" return for one more item.
Enjoy the pictures...

Our welcome to the show

This was so cute!!!

Here's a close up

We bought these garlands made of old quilt squares for $10

Such a cute booth...Abbey Ann

This picture was taken for our guys....see you can decorate with bullet casings!

This water was soooo good....cut cucumbers and lemons

What a great night!!!!  Thanks sisters


  1. Good times, Girlfriend!! MB

  2. Girls! Hope to see you in a week in Puyallup June 22 & 23!

    The Funky Junk Sisters