Two weeks ago we had our last wedding for the year, here at the farm.  Sean & Brie have been engaged for two years and waited until they both graduated from college before starting life together.  The wedding was delightful, with different pies instead of cake, and lots of lawn games to play after the ceremony.  Here they are all dressed up and beautiful....  The little lantern candle on the side lined the walk way.  TOO CUTE!!

And this last picture is of our friend Cassi & Jeff.  Dad passed out during labor, hitting his head so hard they found bleeding on the brain after a Cat scan.   He looks like the one who went through labor.  Dad, Mom & Emmalyn went home on the same day.  Dad is recovering well.


The BFF came for five days and our project we made this year was whirligig's.  On day one we found out how "tool challenged" we were, and had to call a friend with a drill press to help.  It took him 20 minutes to drill about 60 holes for us.  On day two we started to assemble and found out our drill was going backwards.....we had to laugh!!!  On day three we ran out of time but promised to finish. 


Last month I was using PINTEREST to look at wool dolls and I found Maria Madeira.  She makes the most wonderful and laughable dolls, and I couldn't resist this one.  She now sits on my sewing counter with my other lovely ladies.
Here's a close up of her face.
The quality and workmanship of this doll is top quality.  She is stuffed tightly, all her face is hand stitched, and the intricacy of her little boots is incredible!  Take a look at her shop for other unique wool dolls.  You won't be disappointed and her prices are very reasonable.


This summer while on vacation my daughter-in-law, Enna and I went to town shopping and found this adorable skirt pattern by Valori Wells, called Twirl skirt.  The pattern is on a sewing card which is 4x6 and only $3.00.   Enna picked the color and fabric for each of her little queens and then I went to work making them.  Do you loved them???  My little grand daughters did.