This is Connie (left) a two time breast cancer survivor!!!! And Melinda (center) who I met in kindergarten.  Melinda & I went all the way to college but have become closer friends as we have grown in life.  We met Connie in 7th grade.  Each year I have traveled to their homes, Colorado or California.  This year they came to visit me at Black Butte Ranch in Central Oregon.   It's wonderful to have life time friends.  Love you girls!!!!

Here are more pictures of the Ranch....


I have been busy trying to finish some of my Art & Soul projects...and then there is life too, it happens!
This class was taught by Jennifer Campbell, called Hearts & Wings.  I made the pendant on the left and the one on the right was a kit I bought from Jennifer and put together.  The dremel is my new favorite tool.


Yesterday I took a class from Julie at Art & Soul Portland.  This is "Walking Rusty" and with with Julie's expert teaching ability it turned out great!!!
I really "dig" the dog!!!
 Here's a picture of us together.....Hey, we have the same glasses!?!