A year ago I took a class from Gwen & Freddy at The Stitchin' Post in Sisters Oregon.  They had been on my "bucket list" and it was time to kick one off my list.  The class was three days long and we used every minute to create.  Gwen is the designer, Freddy the color expert.  It became apparent I was the only one in the class who used another table for my fabrics.   So I share with you a couple pictures of my mess.

The M&M's are quilters vitamins....don't they look good with my fabric?

Gwen & Freddy met at a Quilt conference and became quick friends, although they are different as night and day.  Freddy is very colorful and lives in a bold colored house in California, where as, Gwen is simple and lives in a house in the woods, back East.  It was so fun watching them together.  Gwen took incredible care of Freddy and they were often found in a corner laughing.  Here they are intertwined as we walked to lunch.
Here are a couple more pictures of them....
And last...... here is how my quilt started,
Keep in mind Freddy says the color "red" is a neutral. 

I started out designing this quilt and making blocks that are my favorite.  You see the baskets in the middle, chickens on the side and then I started adding houses, specifically bird houses to the bottom.  I have had it hanging on the far wall of my sewing room for a year trying to decided where each color and block fits best.  Tomorrow I will share with you the quilt I came up with. 


On Tuesday this next week, these two are coming.....

Should I be scared????


Here's a couple more pictures of my "sewing emporium"..... I found this old metal doll sink and took it to a local lamp shop where I asked them to make it into a lamp.  Didn't they do a great job?
And here are some of my dolls....again I'll say "I like to buy as much as make dolls"
These two I made myself.


In our basement is my little piece of's where my "Sewing Emporium" is.  I work hard on my chores so I can spend some part of the day down there.  Here's a picture of my thread...I love color.

The thread helps me make SOME of these.  My work is the blackbird on top, the chicken on the green ball with the strawberry on the left, the elephant on the left, the teddy on the green pincushion,  the felted chick on the brown pincushion, and the felted panda on the right.  People ask me if I have made all of them and I say...."I like to buy as well as make."


I made these letters last week....and feel I might be glitter challenged!?!

This is our last name, I hung it in the entry to our old farm house.  Don't you love the window?  Well.....I do!