Here she is all dressed and finished.  I hand stitched on paper the mouth and eyes, then placed them on with paper mache'.  Then I sprayed the doll with a satin varnish, let dry, painted lightly and sprayed again.  Then I added her clothes.  NOTE TO SELF:  Add hair last, after final varnish!


For the third coat of paper I used pages from a Bible and tissue paper with a pattern.  I loved the feel of the paper and how both of them preformed.  The little girl needed a slip.  I know it's there but you can't see it unless you lift up the dress, and because I'm her Mom, you better not peek!!!


I love the work of Julie Arkell.  She has a book out,
titled "Julie Arkell" that you can find on Amazon. There aren't any directions on how she makes her work just a lot of wonderful pictures.  So I Googled images, then her name and found a blog HEN'S TEETH and on Nov 17, 2008 she took a class from Julie and describes the process there.  I started out with newspaper that I scrunched up and then wrapped with masking tape to get the shape I wanted.  I added wooden dowels for more support at the neck and legs. Then I added water to wall paper paste and ripped newspapers and started the paper mache' process.  Remember doing this in Junior High?  

After it dried, only one day, I added white paper because I didn't want the newprint to show through the last layer.  When I was teaching at a private school the kids used to leave pages of their Bible around, so I started gathering them up, knowing some day I would use them in my art.  Now those lost pages of Scripture will be the last layer of my dolls.  


I had to post today because it's 1-11-11 and I love this quilt, by Keiko Goke


I forgot to show the Janet Bolton picture I made for a friend who has a birthday in December.  What fun it was to sit and stitch.

I love how the church came out!!! The snow is made out of two different hankies.


This is my first 2011 project done.  I purchased the glider at Salvation Army Boutique store on one of their half-price days, for $45 then added new fabric.  Don't you think it's a wonderful improvement?


HAPPY NEW YEAR....I read it is the year of the rabbit, so here is my rabbit for you.

You can buy her at www.earthangelstoys.com She is from Valerie Weberpal.