Here she is all dressed and finished.  I hand stitched on paper the mouth and eyes, then placed them on with paper mache'.  Then I sprayed the doll with a satin varnish, let dry, painted lightly and sprayed again.  Then I added her clothes.  NOTE TO SELF:  Add hair last, after final varnish!


  1. I adore this doll! And I think Julie Arkell's whimsical creations are so fun! I just looked on Amazon books and there are 2 of her books: Julie Arkell:Home for purchase in paperback each for over $200!!! I couldn't believe it!
    There has got to be another source where I can find her book.
    thank you for posting this whimsical doll!
    I was in the Izannah Walker Doll Workshop too...and Dixie has the I.Z. pdf pattern for anyone to purchase in her North Dixie Blog store...I have a link to her store on my left sidebar on my blog.
    Hope you had a lovely Holiday!
    Teresa in California

  2. This is a brilliant version of JA's dolls.
    I'm also a big fan and am about to wmbark upon a JA project with my Year 10 GCSE Art group. Should be fun as we'll all be creating lots of works in a JA style :D