For a long time, I have loved elf Christmas stockings.  I searched around and got a couple of ideas.  The first one I made was out of an old sweater, but I was to small.  Thinking again, I came up with these two.


Last night my hubby took me to see the the CANADIAN TENORS.  They are such fabulous singers a long with being quite humble.  Frazier shared he met a man in the elevator that drove down from Seattle to see them.  He couldn't believe someone would do that.  Oh and did I mention they are stinkin', stinkin' CUTE!!!  They signed their CD's after the concert, so I wiggled my way up close and took these pictures.  Their concert made my heart sing.


The BFF came down for a visit and shared some of her Mother-in-laws antique quilt collection.


I am going to an ornament exchange next week and the theme is nativity or church.  After hunting around and not finding what I wanted, I went on PINTEREST and searched for a nativity ornament.  This blog had a wonderful silhouette ornament in a glass ball that I loved.  Not being a paper person, I was clueless on how to go about cutting out the silhouette, and that's when I called my friend Jane.  This is the finished ornament....
I have a "sewing emporium" and Jane has a "paper emporium" with a flat screen TV!!!!!
Being an expert paper artist she had a short cut on how to make the ornament faster.  Instead of using paper and gluing it to clear acetate, she cut the image out of vinyl that had a sticky backing and she transferred the silhouette to the acetate.  We only made two ornaments because we were giggling and talking so much, that was the best part about the day.  Jane is now on her second computerized cutting machine.  (I told you I'm not a paper person....I don't even know the name of the machines) She has all sorts of paper gadgets and files her paper like I file my fabric.  Jane also showed me other things she's made, subway signs, scripture verses for the wall, her grand kids names with cars and flower decorations.  It was amazing.....AND FUN!!!!  Thanks Jane.