Last week my "MASTER machine quilter," Laurel and I went to the NW Quilt Show and spent FAR to much time examining each quilt, along with talking and laughing.  Being with her made me look closely at each quilt, not just the pattern, not just the colors, but especially the machine quilting.  Here are some beautiful quilts I especially liked.

  The blue feathers on this quilt stuck out giving it dimension.
This quilt was made out of all salvaged edges and the background fabric had script on it.  Here is a close up of the window in the above quilt....don't you love the squirrels???
This quilt was my favorite because of the color, pattern and the quilting was out of this world fabulous!!!
And the rest are some other quilts and close ups, that I enjoyed.
And of course my favorites are still the antique quilts!!!!
That's all I have to say today besides.......
Life is good!!!


My husband and I have season tickets to see Oregon State Football, and Saturday I realized I got a little sloppy.  In the first half of the game I asked my husband if I could have a handful of pistachios, then put them in my lap to chew on.  Second half I looked down to see the man in front of us had one of my pistachios in the back of his pants.  My friend Gail and I laughed and laughed and then wondered how do you graciously tell him "excuse me but one of my pistachios fell in your crack?!?" We are so squished into our seats, it feels like we sit on top of each other.  Now I have proof.   


                            WE WILL NEVER FORGET........


I am a huge fan of etsy and this is what I found this week....couldn't live without it.
                       Zoe Chen is the designer,


Last Thursday we all went downtown Portland and listened to the Portland Symphony, watched some ballet and as the sunset over the river they shot off fireworks.  The night was magical.
Along with 15,000 people we spread out our blankets and then Kathy and I decided we needed an elephant ear.  YUM!!!
On Labor Day I started out washing the girls...that's me and Maggie in the swimming pool/bath tub.  Honey Buns and I spent the day at friends eating and talking with friends.  The only thing I did was move my chair 10 yards and I enjoyed myself completely.