Since I was in fifth grade I have had to wear glasses.  Even though I have tried to wear contacts three different times, I always return to glasses.  I have been blessed with DRY eyes and contacts feel like suction cups taking all the moisture out.
So I made a glass case.

The main fabric is a sample of upholstery fabric and I used wool and wool felt to appliqued the design in place.  To sew the case to the latch I found a tutorial on line.  Check You-tube also, you can find all sorts of things to try.


There are so many things I love about living on the farm....
Peaceful, space, God's creation, digging in the dirt, the smell and sounds of harvest, the beautiful colors, watching my grandkids learn to ride their bikes, people visiting....

But there are some things I HATE...
losing a friend...                  
                           My sweet Bulldog Maggie
and our Shetland pony Buster
We cry and hold each other tight.....and move on.


On Friday I went to a friends house and stitched for three hours.  Her husband repurposed the garage into her sewing studio!!
And of course Oscar one of her three dogs was there to help me.
Then I went to a Master Gardner show in a near by town and got these.
Besides sewing, cleaning, cooking & mowing, this will keep me busy!!!