I love Sue Spargo and her designs.  The Stitchin Post in Sister's Oregon has her teach classes and I was privileged to take a class from her.  This is one of her fun designs, a pin keeper, from American Patchwork & Quilting, October 2009.  It was time to made it up and I enjoyed the handwork, beading and fabric I used to make it.  Take a look.....


We went to SLO this past weekend.  They have these there......they're called flowers
Because it was sunny I did this.....With a crown on, of course!!!
And when I got home I road this....OH HAPPY DAY!!!!


My friends saw this post card and thought of me.....I wonder why???


I love this day.....


On Friday evening my friend Peter went home to be with the Lord.  He was diagnosed with melanoma a year and a half ago, when a hair dresser found on a spot on the top of his head, in his beautiful curly hair. The doctors removed the spot and some lymph nodes but the cancer went into his body.  He was loved by many and my husband and I count it a privilege to have been on of his friends.  Peter and his wife Kim were one of the couples in our home Bible study, and he took his job as Sargent-of-arms seriously.  One night we were all being a little to silly when he yelled out "OK let's settle down" so we immediately assigned him the job.  The funny thing is....he was a quiet soul with a really dry, yet incredibly funny sence of humor.  Good bye Peter...we love you and will see you in Paradise!!!


This is what I love to do besides create....decorate!!!


Here's how I decorated the Hoosier for Valentines day.....
I made the doll and did the punch needle glove.  Hmmmm, I better get back to work!


I love to put different decorations out each month....this month, Valentine's.  This collage was made a couple of years ago and tells exactly how I felt when I first met my husband....he didn't have a chance.


Today I went to the Funky Junk Sisters show out at Hillsboro fair ground.  It was a mini Farm Chick show and I really liked it.  Along with vendors they had 3-4 redone trailers....take a look!

 The red one was my favorite...could it be the color?

Then this one was so sweet inside!!!!

JULIE ARKELL, finished

Do you ever start a project and get stuck?  It happens to me a lot.  I have to walk away and think, think, think and it will usually come to me.  That's what happened with my rabbit...I dry brushed her ivory and thought it looked way to yellow.  So I antiqued her and thought she looked like a yellow, antiqued rabbit.  I walked away and couldn't work on anything else until she was DONE!!  After some thought I decided to dress her and since I can't knit I cut up an old sweater I found at the Goodwill.  Next step was adding buttons and gathered ribbon for her neck.  I finished her when I picked up an old hankie and put it on one ear.  SATISFIED!!!