We took a cruise on the Caribbean a week ago and had a beautiful, sunny, warm and restful time.  My goal every year is "not to wear a bathing suit" and since I am no longer svelte getting me into a suit is a big occasion.  The beautiful warm blue water and white sand called to I dawned my suit and dove in.
My favorite thing on the trip was competing in a regatta race with two other boats...what a thrill!!!
Now we're back home and "real" life starts again....mowing the lawn, washing the dogs, shampooing the carpets, and planting the flower beds.   Oh well...I love the travel but there's no place like home!

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  1. Happy Mother's Day to you Nancy! As I watch the rain fall outside, I TRULY appreciate you sharing your sunny trip with us! Thank you!
    Enjoy those grands! ~Lynda