I have made three wedding ring quilts.  One each, for our son and daughter when got married.  But I wanted one too.  I used Aunt Gracie fabric and that beautiful green that goes with it so well.  It is in our "pink room."  See the pink walls and carpet....women stand in line to stay over night in that room.
  Here's a close up.
      I am sharing this with you to tell you about the ministry I have on the farm.....
     My Dad decided to leave our family and divorce my Mom when I was 19 and in college.  It was an excruciatingly painful time for all us left behind.  When I wanted to marry, my Dad told me he would give me $100 if I married in a church or $1,000 if I eloped, because he didn't want to see my Mom again.  I took the $100 and did the best I could with what other money I could scrounge up.  Although it was 37 years ago and the cost to get married was quit a bit different then now, I was able to have the wedding I a church.  I bought a dress, fabric & pattern for my bridesmaids, flowers, cake and supplies to make hot fudge sundaes.  A family friend took our pictures and another made our wedding announcement.  I was enormously bless by others. 
      Now I hear of parents writing a check for $20,000 or more for their kids wedding.  What has happened???  I know there are others out there like me who didn't have the funds but can still have a beautiful wedding.
      When we bought our farm, we knew we needed to share it.  So I started a ministry helping young couples get married.  My husband and I decided we could handle three weddings a year, and would help family and friends with their special day.   I encourage the bride and groom to send out invites, get a dress and buy a cake.  Starting life in debt, for a couple hours of celebration, can be daunting for a young couple.   

     We have had a helicopter land and pick up the newly weds, a Dad who borrowed our tractor and put his daughter in the bucket and raise her high enough to throw her bouquet.  Also family members make up funny songs and serenade their bride and groom.  Although they think they are receiving a gift from us, in fact we are the ones who are receiving the blessing.  Oh, the wonderful memories they have given us here on the farm. 

                                      LIFE IS GOOD!


  1. What a story !! What a blessing your dad gave you indirectly out of the pain came something good.

  2. Thank you for blessing my daughter, Brie, and her new husband Sean this way, last weekend. Their wedding guests keep remarking on the beautiful setting for their ceremony and reception. And now I know the story behind it all! -Joanne F.

  3. Thank you Nancy, for sharing this. As part of the wedding of Sean and Gabrielle this past weekend, we were indeed blessed by your generosity as we celebrated a wonderful new family! Loved your 'praying' little bulldog :-)