I was in Colorado Springs last weekend with my friends I've know since childhood.  We had a blast, laughing, shopping and eating chocolate chip cookies.  My friend Connie lives there because of what happened to her husband when we had the draft for Vietnam, his birthday was drawn #1.  He was at Oregon State and quickly wrote to one of our senators for a recommendation to the Air Force Academy.  They loved Colorado Springs so much they decided to live there after 25 years in the Air Force.

This quilt was made by Connie's aunt who was a very frugal woman.  When looking at it up close I noticed the entire formation of the star was pieced differently.  Then she laid it on a white background and appliqued it on.  Gee, we all thought we had a new idea when piecing our quilts randomly and all it took was being frugal and using everything we have.  When I held the quilt up to a window you could see the seeds from the cotton batting.  I love these old kind of quilts, and because it was so big I had to stand and shoot the picture from upstairs.  
Here we are 40 years after graduating from high school.  From left to right, me, Connie, Melinda and Jill.
 Jill modeling glasses....I could always get her to do anything, even be my room mate in college.

This was painted on a canvas cloth and hung behind the cash register in a funky shop in Old Colorado City.  I thought it was marvelous!!!
This was the dressing room....to fun!
We saw repurposed things every where.  This flower was made from newspaper and tissue paper.  I also noticed several women's stores with repurposed clothing.  It was inspiring.

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