Here are some pic's of our Bride, Gina & Groom, Frank....

 Friday was set up day and it was beautiful...Frank even got a sunburn.  Saturday, wedding day,  it an hour before the wedding everything was taken to the barn and set up.  It turned out great and the kids were happy.  When they get to this point, basically all they want to do is get married and they don't care where.  So much planning goes into two hours of joy. 

The wedding was at 2:30pm and by 8pm my husband had me in the car and off for vacation.  We always spend a week at Black Butte Ranch.  It has bike trails, swimming pools, dry heat, and The Stitchin' Post down the road.
 Loved these quilts...this is the 36th year for the outdoor quilt show in Sisters.  It's always on the second Saturday of July.  Thousands come from all over the world.

Our son brought his family and Gramps and Gram kept them for six days by ourselves.  God created us to have children when we were young....we have a lot more energy.

 Treat time....even the dogs came.
 I took them home on the train.  It was a hour and a half of eating and wrestling and then a hour and a half of sleep. 
Life is good!!!

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