Where does time go???  I want the answer!!!  It feels like my eyeballs are hanging out of my head which means I'm extremely tired today.  I have been out in the yard with my husband working madly to remove EVERY weed and then throw bark dust in the flower beds before our first wedding at the farm this year.
But before that I want you to see some pictures of our time in Spokane Washington, two weeks ago.
We flew up and met our BFF's....aren't the fields beautiful?
We lunch at the airport diner.  That's Tim my BFF's husband.
Then we headed to our hotel...the famous Davenport.  We stayed in the tower and it was decorated with a safari theme.  Do you have an elephant lamp like this?  Me neither...

There were elephants everywhere....and we woke up to a HUGE picture of a rhinoceros.  Very different but very luxurious and comfortable hotel.
We asked the concierge for a cute coffee shop and she suggested Madeline's down the street.  And we were HAPPY.

 We even hauled the hubbies down there for Sunday breakfast...and none of us were disappointed.  IT WAS FABULOUS!!
Saturday was Chicks Day....

The dolls were all dressed up...

It was a great show...
Then we were off to The Buggy Barn...a quilt shop that is out in the middle of "no-where"

 They even had quilts hanging on the ceiling.   LOVE IT TOO!!!

Last stop for the day was Mel's garden store.  MB (the BFF) and I love this store because they have everything a girl could plants, clothes, purses, jewelry, even food!

 And check out this chair.  I had to sit in it to see if it was comfortable...basically, not for a long time.
Our last day was Sunday so MB and I took a historical walking tour of the Davenport hotel.  

 Beautiful huh?  It was like time stood still. 

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  1. Prue eye candy!! the green and the flowers !!!! We have not had rain heer in bisbee for 6 months and the fires down here a reaaly bad. Love the cothes form the shop!! wonder who made them???