I would love to introduce you to a wonderful and enchanting web site called Les Soeurs Anglaises that is located in the south of France.  They offer workshops from teachers like Julie Arkell, Janet Bolton and Rosalind Wyatt.  Rosalind's work is stitched calligraphy on textiles and incredibly beautiful!  Here is some of her work.
                           Waulking Jacket
This is a close up of her detailed work...notice she used paper in this piece.
This is her stitched calligraphy...what an incredible form of art!!
This calligraphy is done on a handkerchief...beautiful.
I am told that many women from the United States have gone for classes at Les Soeurs Anglaises, so I have a special treat for you!!!  If you mention my blog when signing up for Rosalind Wyatt's workshop you will receive 10% off. 
Oh what JOY!!!

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